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computer ambulance
Massive Stealthy Malvertising Campaign Uncovered

A stealthy malvertising campaign has been flying under the radar for the last few months, targeting millions of readers visiting popular and mainstream news sites. The campaign is notable for stealth bordering on paranoia from the threat group, probably AdGholasMassive Stealthy Malvertising Campaign Uncovered
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Putin Approves New Cybersecurity Doctrine

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday signed off on a broad-ranging plan aimed at bolstering the country's defenses against cyberattacks from abroad and cracking down on perceived foreign influence.Putin Approves New Cybersecurity Doctrine
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100,000 UK Routers Likely Affected by Mirai Variant

Approximately 100,000 UK TalkTalk and Post Office ISP users were affected by the recent Mirai attack that severely affected nearly a million Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany in late November. It was assumed that the UK victims were the outer ripples of the primary attack; and this was confirmed by a subsequent report that quoted the Mirai developer as apologizing for the effect on the Post Office. The UK disruption was apparently an accident and not done intentionally.100,000 UK Routers Likely Affected by Mirai Variant
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SHIFT+F10 During Windows 10 Updates Can Bypass BitLocker

Windows has long had a troubleshooting feature that can be used during installs: SHIFT+F10 brings up a command prompt. While this has many advantages, it can be abused. For example, during the more frequent feature updates in Windows 10 (as opposed to the old practice of providing a distinct new OS version), pressing SHIFT+F10 gives the user admin privileges while BitLocker is disabled.SHIFT+F10 During Windows 10 Updates Can Bypass BitLocker
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Mozilla Patches Firefox Zero-Day Exploited to Unmask Tor Users

Security updates released on Wednesday for Firefox and the Tor Browser address a zero-day vulnerability exploited to deanonymize Tor users. Evidence suggests that the exploit may have been used by a law enforcement agency in an operation targeting child pornography distributors.Mozilla Patches Firefox Zero-Day Exploited to Unmask Tor Users
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Microsoft Experts Launch Anti-Recon Tool for Windows 10, Server 2016

Itai Grady and Tal Be’ery of the Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) research team have released a new tool designed to help security teams harden the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 machines on their network against reconnaissance attempts.
Dubbed “SAMRi10” (pronounced Samaritan), the tool is a simple PowerShell script that changes the default Security Account Manager (SAM) access permissions on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 in an effort to prevent attackers from collecting potentially valuable recon information.
Microsoft Experts Launch Anti-Recon Tool for Windows 10
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European Banks Targeted by "SmsSecurity" Android Trojan

The cybercriminals behind a campaign first analyzed in 2014 continue to improve their Android malware, including with anti-analysis mechanisms, device rooting capabilities, and remote access features via the TeamViewer app.
Operation Emmental was discovered by Trend Micro researchers in 2014, when attackers leveraged a combination of Android malware, rogue DNS servers and phishing websites to steal user data and bypass the SMS-based two-factor authentication systems of many financial institutions in Europe and Japan.
European Banks Targeted by "SmsSecurity" Android Trojan
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Bug Allows Activation Lock Bypass on iPhone, iPad

Researchers have found a bug that can be used to bypass Apple’s Activation Lock feature and gain access to the homescreen of locked iPhones and iPads running the latest version of iOS.
There seem to be at least two variations of the vulnerability – one of them works on iOS 10.1 and the second has also been reproduced on the latest 10.1.1 version of Apple’s mobile operating system.
Bug Allows Activation Lock Bypass on iPhone
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50 Million Potentially Impacted by AirDroid Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in the Android remote management tool AirDroid potentially impact over 50 million devices, security researchers at Zimperium zLabs warn.
The application has seen between 10 and 50 million downloads through the official Google Play software portal, but the security firm says that its device base is larger than that. According to Zimperium (the security firm that discovered the Stagefright flaw in Android), vulnerabilities in AirDroid allow an attacker to exploit built-in features and use them against the application’s users.
50 Million Potentially Impacted by AirDroid Vulnerabilities
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WordPress to Require Hosts to Support HTTPS

In an attempt to provide increased security and privacy for its users, WordPress has announced that upcoming features will require hosts to support HTTPS.
Starting in early 2017, WordPress will be promoting only hosting partners that provide an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate by default in their accounts. After that, the popular Content Management System (CMS) will assess the use of SSL across various features and enable those features only if the security technology is available.
WordPress to Require Hosts to Support HTTPS
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Chrome 55 Patches 36 Flaws, Blocks Flash by Default

Google this week released Chrome 55 to resolve 36 security vulnerabilities and to switch the popular Adobe Flash plugin off by default.
Of the 36 flaws resolved this month, 26 were disclosed by external security researchers and Google paid $70,000 in bug bounty rewards for them. 12 of these security issues were rated High risk, 9 were rated Medium severity and 5 were considered Low risk.
Chrome 55 Patches 36 Flaws
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Odessa ragazze

Cominciamo con la classificazione di odessa ragazze. Classificazione in qualche misura condizionato e alcune ragazze a volte è difficile attribuire a qualcuno dei gruppi, ma anche così è molto meglio di niente. Buoni casalinghe e ragazze, consistente in una relazione, di solito, non sono interessati a noi. L'acqua cheta e a volte c'è ogni sorta di miracoli ci sono, ma è la via del samurai-bracconiere e non il potere di tutti. Andiamo via di minor resistenza – facendo del sesso a pagamento.
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Аксессуары для сотовых

Мобильная связь — неотъемлемая часть современной жизни. Мы — свидетели ее динамичного, если не сказать стремительного развития. Следовательно, потребность в мобильных телефонах существует и будет существовать.Разумеется, приобретение сотовых телефонов оптом совершают, как правило, салоны связи или магазины розничных продаж. Это понятно: именно на оптовых закупках, завершающихся розничной реализацией строят они свой бизнес. Однако в последнее время услуга востребована и со стороны крупных компаний, централизованно обеспечивающих своих сотрудников современными средствами связи.Аксессуары для сотовых
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90 Percent of Game Hacks Infected with Malware, AVG Warns

A majority of game hacks and software freely available online contain malware, according to new research. Nearly 90 percent of unauthorized software for popular computer games are infected with malware, AVG Technologies said in its AVG Insight newsletter released today. The list includes unpirated "cracked" games, license key generators (keygens) and thousands of other game hacks such as patches, cheats and trainers readily available online on unregulated torrent or file-sharing sites, AVG said.90 Percent of Game Hacks Infected with Malware
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Firefox Blocks Flash Content to Improve Security

Firefox Web browser will block certain Flash content to improve the security of its users and to ensure faster page loads. The main reason for this change, Mozilla says, is that plugins, Adobe’s popular Flash Player included, often introduce stability, performance, and security issues for browsers. Starting next month, Flash content that is not essential to the user experience will be blocked in Firefox, although the browser will continue to support legacy Flash content, the company says.Firefox Blocks Flash Content to Improve Security
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computer service

Stop-экраны: сообщения STOP появляются в случае, если ядро операционной системы выявляет противоречивое состояние, из которого оно не может выйти самостоятельно. Такие сообщения всегда отображаются в полноэкранном текстовом режиме, а не в окне Windows.

Настройка безопасности в WIFI сети: многие устанавливают только что купленное WiFi оборудование в великой спешке, желая как можно быстрее получить доступ к высокоскоростному Интернету. Такое наплевательское отношение довольно тяжело понять, т.к. в дальнейшем это приводит к большим проблемам в сфере безопасности.

DNS: частые вопросы и ответы DNS - это общие базы данных имён доменов и соответствующих им IP-адресов. Эти базы хранятся на серверах имён (или DNS-серверах, как их обычно называют).

Зачем нужен файл ".htaccess". Cамый популярный веб-сервер - Apache. Одним из самых весомых преимуществ этого сервера (помимо бесплатности, быстроты и небольшого потребления ресурсов) является гибкость настройки.

Recovery Console in Windows: Recovery Console is designed to help you recover when your Windows-based computer does not start properly or does not start at all.When you use the Win Recovery Console, you can obtain limited access to NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 volumes without starting the Win graphical interface.

O монтаже: прежде чем начать разговор о монтаже, нужно привести несколько определений из кинематографического и телевизионного лексикона.

RAID: создание RAID-массива максимально приближено к организации обычной дисковой подсистемы персонального компьютера. В основе такого массива могут лежать стандартные накопители на жестких дисках, что делает этот метод создания системы резервного копирования максимально доступным широкому кругу пользователей.

God Mode in Windows 10: a hidden setting that creates a shortcut to Windows settings and tweaks, was a great thing to know about in Windows 7 and 8 but even more important for me in Windows 10.

Как настроить локальную сеть: несмотря на то, что настройка локальной сети для домашнего пользователя, в принципе, не должна вызывать проблем, благо при желании всегда можно воспользоваться специальными мастерами создания сетевых подключений, присутствующими в последних версиях Windows, нередко возникают затруднения даже с такой, казалось бы, вполне заурядной операцией

Брандмауэр на основе машины, подключенной к двум сетям: в отличие от маршрутизатора с фильтрацией пакетов, брандмауэр данного типа может полностью блокирвоать передачу трафика между Интернетом и защищаемой сетью.

SMTP: основная задача протокола SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) заключается в том, чтобы обеспечивать передачу электронных сообщений.

Технология RTB: технология покупки и продажи таргетированной медийной рекламы в режиме реального времени.
The bottom line
Ensuring that networks are secure and that compliance with regulations and industry standards can be achieved is a complex task for any organisation no matter how small or large. An organisation that tries to do everything itself will be in a constant state of catch up, which often leaves vulnerabilities exposed. As networks become increasingly open and inter-connected, with always-on availability expected from an ever-growing variety of devices, a far better strategy is to offload security needs that are either not a core competence or that are complex and costly to manage to a third party that has specialised expertise.

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