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  Windows 10 tweaks & tricks
Tweaks & tricks
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Windows7: General settings
  Windows7: Registry
  Windows7: Registry faq
  Windows7: Network settings
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  Windows7: Firewall
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  Windows7: Administrator Password
Windows NT/2K/XP/VISTAWindows NT/2K/XP/VISTA
Win 2K faqWin 2K faq
  Win 2K(kernel & MEM.managment)
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Reg WIN2K/XP faq
Reg WIN2K/XP faq #2
Reg NT/XP: Structure
Reg XP: Restore & backup
Reg XP: Costumize XP
Reg XP: Inet
Reg: Inet & LAN
BIOS faq
BIOS recover
computer ambulance
Hacks at Russian central bank have cost 2 billion rubles

Hackers in 2016 stole 2 billion rubles -- equivalent to $31 million -- from accounts that banks keep at Russia's central bank. The Bank of Russia confirmed the cyberattacks and the extent of the losses to CNNMoney on Friday.Hacks at Russian central bank have cost 2 billion rubles
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Hardware Bitcoin Wallet KeepKey Informs Users of Breach

KeepKey, a hardware wallet designed for the secure storage of bitcoin and other virtual currency, informed users on Saturday that the company’s systems had been targeted by a hacker on Christmas Day.
KeepKey founder Darin Stanchfield said the attacker activated a new phone number under his PIN-protected Verizon account and used it to hijack his email via its account recovery mechanism. The hacker then started resetting the passwords of accounts linked to the compromised email address, including the firm's Twitter account.
Hardware Bitcoin Wallet KeepKey Informs Users of Breach
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Mozilla to Kill Firefox for Windows XP, Vista in 2017

Support for Windows XP and Vista will be removed from Firefox, currently the last major web browser out there to still support the two outdated operating system versions.Mozilla to Kill Firefox for Windows XP, Vista in 2017
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OSCE Confirms 'Major' Cyber Attack

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, an international election and war monitor, said Wednesday it had become the latest global institution to suffer a "major" cyber attack.
The Vienna-based OSCE has its origins in the Cold War but after 1991 it expanded and now has 57 member states including the United States, Russia and Ukraine.
OSCE Confirms 'Major' Cyber Attack
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Tor Browser Patches Start Being Uplifted into Firefox

The Tor (The Onion Router) team and Mozilla are working together to implement Tor browser patches directly into Firefox and tighten their collaboration.
The Tor browser is built almost entirely on Firefox, with 95% of its code coming from Mozilla’s browser. However, it still needs a series of changes, which the team refers to as patches. As part of the strengthened collaboration, these patches are set to become part of Firefox, albeit they will be disabled by default.
Tor Browser Patches Start Being Uplifted into Firefox
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Google Researcher Finds Certificate Flaws in Kaspersky Products

Google Project Zero researcher Tavis Ormandy has discovered two serious certificate-related issues in Kaspersky Lab’s anti-malware products. The flaws were addressed by the security firm in late December.Google Researcher Finds Certificate Flaws in Kaspersky Products
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Google Patches 22 Critical Android Vulnerabilities

Released January 03, Google’s first Android Security Bulletin for 2017 patches a total of 95 vulnerabilities in the operating system, 22 of which were rated Critical severity. Over half (50) of the bugs addressed this month were Elevation of privilege flaws.Google Patches 22 Critical Android Vulnerabilities
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Bitcoins Surge Past $1,000

What a good start of the New Year for those holding Bitcoins! Web-based digital currency Bitcoin has passed $1,000 for the first time on the Bitstamp Price Index (BPI) since early November 2013.
Bitcoin broke the barrier on 1 January and now is trading above $1,020 at the time of writing, marking a bright beginning to 2017 for the digital currency.
Bitcoins Surge Past $1,000
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Critical RCE Flaw Patched in PHPMailer

The developers of PHPMailer have patched a critical vulnerability that can be exploited by a remote attacker for arbitrary code execution, a researcher said on Sunday.
With millions of installations, PHPMailer is considered the world’s most popular email creation and transfer class for PHP. It has been used by several major open-source projects, including WordPress, Drupal, 1CRM, SugarCRM, Yii and Joomla.
Critical RCE Flaw Patched in PHPMailer
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New "Alice" Malware Drains All Cash from ATMs

A newly discovered family of malware targeting ATMs (automated teller machines) has been designed with the sole purpose of emptying cash from the safes of the self-serve machines, Trend Micro security researchers warn.New "Alice" Malware Drains All Cash from ATMs
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Russia Used Android Malware to Track Ukrainian Troops

The Russia-linked cyberespionage group known as Fancy Bear has tracked Ukrainian artillery forces by planting a piece of Android malware in a legitimate military application, threat intelligence firm CrowdStrike reported on Thursday.Russia Used Android Malware to Track Ukrainian Troops
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Google Releases Crypto Library Testing Tool

Google this week announced the availability of Project Wycheproof, an open source tool designed for finding known vulnerabilities in popular cryptographic software libraries.
Developed in Java due to its common cryptographic interface, Project Wycheproof includes tests for the most popular crypto algorithms, including AES-EAX, AES-GCM, DH, DHIES, DSA, ECDH, ECDSA, ECIES and RSA. The more than 80 test cases developed by Google experts have led to the discovery of over 40 bugs in RSA, DSA, ECDH and DH.
Google Releases Crypto Library Testing Tool
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Ukraine Power Outage Possibly Caused by Cyberattack

A cyberattack may have caused the power outage that occurred in Ukraine late on Saturday, according to the country’s national energy company Ukrenergo.
In a statement published on its website on Sunday, Ukrenergo said the outage occurred on Saturday, near midnight, at the North (Petrivtsi) substation, causing blackouts in the capital city of Kiev and the Kiev region.
Ukrenergo Acting Director Vsevolod Kovalchuk said workers switched to manual mode and started restoring power after 30 minutes. Power was fully restored after just over an hour, Kovalchuk said.
Ukraine Power Outage Possibly Caused by Cyberattack
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Germany Accuses Russia of Hybrid Warfare

Russia has been accused of waging its own brand of cyber hybrid warfare against Germany, with specific focus on next year's elections. In particular, the APT28 (Fancy Bear) hacking group -- thought to be linked to the Russian government -- is accused of spreading propaganda and disinformation under the guise of 'hacktivists'.Germany Accuses Russia of Hybrid Warfare
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France Announces First Cyber-warfare Army Unit

France announced its first cyber-warfare army unit on Monday, aimed at increasing the country's hacking skills as concerns grow in Europe and the United States about Russian capabilities.
Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian likened the impact of hacking on warfare to the effect of the first aircraft on conflicts in the early 20th century.
France Announces First Cyber-warfare Army Unit
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computer service

Stop-экраны: сообщения STOP появляются в случае, если ядро операционной системы выявляет противоречивое состояние, из которого оно не может выйти самостоятельно. Такие сообщения всегда отображаются в полноэкранном текстовом режиме, а не в окне Windows.

Настройка безопасности в WIFI сети: многие устанавливают только что купленное WiFi оборудование в великой спешке, желая как можно быстрее получить доступ к высокоскоростному Интернету. Такое наплевательское отношение довольно тяжело понять, т.к. в дальнейшем это приводит к большим проблемам в сфере безопасности.

DNS: частые вопросы и ответы DNS - это общие базы данных имён доменов и соответствующих им IP-адресов. Эти базы хранятся на серверах имён (или DNS-серверах, как их обычно называют).

Зачем нужен файл ".htaccess". Cамый популярный веб-сервер - Apache. Одним из самых весомых преимуществ этого сервера (помимо бесплатности, быстроты и небольшого потребления ресурсов) является гибкость настройки.

Recovery Console in Windows: Recovery Console is designed to help you recover when your Windows-based computer does not start properly or does not start at all.When you use the Win Recovery Console, you can obtain limited access to NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 volumes without starting the Win graphical interface.

O монтаже: прежде чем начать разговор о монтаже, нужно привести несколько определений из кинематографического и телевизионного лексикона.

RAID: создание RAID-массива максимально приближено к организации обычной дисковой подсистемы персонального компьютера. В основе такого массива могут лежать стандартные накопители на жестких дисках, что делает этот метод создания системы резервного копирования максимально доступным широкому кругу пользователей.

God Mode in Windows 10: a hidden setting that creates a shortcut to Windows settings and tweaks, was a great thing to know about in Windows 7 and 8 but even more important for me in Windows 10.

Как настроить локальную сеть: несмотря на то, что настройка локальной сети для домашнего пользователя, в принципе, не должна вызывать проблем, благо при желании всегда можно воспользоваться специальными мастерами создания сетевых подключений, присутствующими в последних версиях Windows, нередко возникают затруднения даже с такой, казалось бы, вполне заурядной операцией

Брандмауэр на основе машины, подключенной к двум сетям: в отличие от маршрутизатора с фильтрацией пакетов, брандмауэр данного типа может полностью блокирвоать передачу трафика между Интернетом и защищаемой сетью.

SMTP: основная задача протокола SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) заключается в том, чтобы обеспечивать передачу электронных сообщений.

Технология RTB: технология покупки и продажи таргетированной медийной рекламы в режиме реального времени.
The bottom line
Ensuring that networks are secure and that compliance with regulations and industry standards can be achieved is a complex task for any organisation no matter how small or large. An organisation that tries to do everything itself will be in a constant state of catch up, which often leaves vulnerabilities exposed. As networks become increasingly open and inter-connected, with always-on availability expected from an ever-growing variety of devices, a far better strategy is to offload security needs that are either not a core competence or that are complex and costly to manage to a third party that has specialised expertise.

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